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Hip Hop is Universal

Updated: May 6, 2019

Hip Hop is bigger than rap. Hip Hop is bigger than race. Hip Hop is bigger than the USA.

Peace and blessings,

I have the privilege of mentoring youth through Hip Hop on a regular basis. Its dope. Yeah its extremely dope. The first thing I need to know from the young people I engage with is "what is Hip Hop?" Simple question right? Or is it? The responses to this question vary and that's cool since Hip Hop is ever evolving and I believe that evolution was always a part of the plan. BUT, there is a correct answer. That answer is culture, a universal culture that has touched every corner of the planet.

In my travels within the cultural framework of Hip Hop I have seen, heard, felt, and tasted many flavors. Culture changes. It evolves. It returns to its roots. It strays from its roots. In the midst of change, the foundation remains and that foundation for Hip Hop is knowledge and purpose in the midst of struggle.

Hip Hop was birthed by young innovators who saw potential in a hopeless situation. The world around these teenagers and young adults in 1970s New York City was in shambles. Poverty was high, oppression was intense, opportunity was scarce, and gang violence was an epidemic. Few from outside their Bronx borough cared about the conditions these young men and women (and their families) were living in. The bougie drug filled party culture of disco ruled clubs in trendy neighborhoods and what would soon be the first generation of hiphoppas was excluded and flat out disregarded.

But the amazing happened. The dog in the fight for its life stepped up in spite of seemingly insurmountable odds. Instead of succumbing to the lack and the closed doors, these young innovators created something that was theirs that they could be proud of with an infectious purpose that would ultimately change the world. They created something that those outside didn't understand (and weren't supposed to). They created their own unique culture with its own self imposed purpose, with its own rules, its own elements, its own form of expression. Hip Hop was formed to allow the voiceless, the disregarded, the forgotten to collectively make people take notice and to speak to each other in a unique coded language that shut out those who had formerly shut out the hiphoppa. They created what would eventually be a universal youth culture that's purpose could be replicated within the already existing mainstream cultures of all people in all countries. They created a pervasive multi-generational youth movement with no end in sight. Hip Hop started in a borough and blossomed into a universal language shared by youth all over planet earth.

In the summer of 2019, Generation Hip Hop Global will launch to the world with chapters existing in 54 countries. Over 45 years after the birth of Hip Hop culture, a global movement will be unleashed in solidarity championing the Hip Hop mantra of Peace, Unity, Love, and Having Fun. The evolution of Hip Hop into various schools of thought, business, activism, education, and beyond will be explored and shared through 21st century technology. The global language of Hip Hop will lead a cultural revolution challenging the status quo through an amplified unified voice.

Join the movement.

-Monk Matthaeus

All of the Above Hip Hop Academy

Generation Hip Hop


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