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Love, Peace, and Unity in Grand Rapids.

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Welcome to LPUGR, My name's Grym and this is what Love, Peace, and Unity should be within the Grand Rapids area.

Grand Rapids.

Writing about L.P.U in GR won't do it justice, but what will do it justice is our efforts into making it happen. From what I can see, the Grand Rapids area has been pretty chill with some things happening here and there but we want to make this thing HUGE. We want to make Grand Rapids a place where everybody that comes to visit, can feel the vibe we give off as a community by coming together and making this place one of the best and friendliest cities in Michigan. Not everybody will commit to being a upstanding citizen but if we can get a mass majority of us to, then maybe everybody else will slowly change into what we should've always been. A unit spreading Love, Peace, and Unity in Grand Rapids. -Grym


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