LPUGR is an movement by area teens and young adults to advance Love, Peace and Unity in the greater Grand Rapids area. LPUGR.ORG will exist as a platform to shine light upon the beauty of our community through music, art, dance, conversation, acts of kindness and compassion, and by recognizing individuals and organizations for their service.  


Area teens/young adults will curate the site's content.  Examples of LPUGR content are songs that deal with topics that we feel need to be addressed as well as fun songs that simply entertain. More examples include videos of breakdancing (a.k.a. Breaking/Bboying/Bgirling) and urban dance choreography, photos of visual art and message based graffiti, DJ mixes, interviews, and blogs/articles.  


LPUGR places a focus on but is not limited to the artistic, cultural, and philosophical elements of Hip Hop culture.  We hope that you enjoy being exposed to a plethora awesome emcees, DJs, graffiti artists, bboys/bgirls, urban dancers, singers, community leaders, advocates, trailblazers, and flat out positive people! 


LPUGR is here for the people of OUR community.

Love, Peace & Unity.

How can the sky be the limit when there's foot prints on the moon?

- Logic, Young Sinatra II

Our Mission

Advance love, peace, and unity among the residents of greater Grand Rapids, MI.


Our Vision

To utilize art, technology, and intentional personal interaction to proliferate a message of love, peace, and unity that is contagious and cannot help but spread organically throughout West Michigan and beyond. 

We Need Your Support Today!